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Take a Time In

Most episodes invite you to take a “Time In” where there is a time fo reflection or some form of play for you to integrate what you learned in that episode.

To make it even easier for you in your Playful Healing Journey, you can download the ‘Time In Journal,’ for you to answer prompts for each episode, jot down notes and create implementation and support plan.


Season 1

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What’s the I Am Perfect! Podcast About?

De’Nicea invites you to go on Playful adventures on the I Am Perfect! Podcast where you begin to assess your Perceptions, shift Perspectives and see the Possibilities in the healing journey of your Spirit, Mind and Body.

When you begin to see that your Healing is a Journey, NOT a destination, there’s never a dull moment. At every turn, there are opportunities to grow Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.

Listen to the I Am Perfect! Podcast for mini-lessons that offer insight and clarity celebrating what’s already available within you to support your Self-Healing Journey, so much so that you’ll stand and declare: I Am Whole, I Am Complete, I am PERFECT!

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