I Am Perfect! Podcast

Oh, how you're Perfect, let me count the ways...

Your self-healing journey is an adventure!
Tapping into your Potential in Learning About Yourself!

De’Nicea invites you to go on Playful adventures on the I Am Perfect! Podcast where you begin to assess your Perceptions, shift Perspectives and see the Possibilities in the healing journey of your Spirit, Mind and Body.

When you begin to see that your Healing is a Journey, NOT a destination, there’s never a dull moment. At every turn, there are opportunities to grow Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.

Listen to the I Am Perfect! Podcast for mini-lessons that offer insight and clarity celebrating what’s already available within you to support your Self-Healing Journey, so much so that you’ll stand and declare: I Am Whole, I Am Complete, I am PERFECT!

Who’s Listening to I Am Perfect! Podcast?

I Am Perfect! Podcast is for the woman who’s ready to live more Authentically to who she is, and just may need some guidance in figuring out who that is and the encouragement to express that confidently!

She has that feeling there’s more to a symptom or condition than they’ve been told. You’re feeling called to explore beyond the Physical and see yourself from a different Perspective that expands Possibilities for your life experience.

You realize you can live IN experience and the Self-Healing is happening daily on many levels even as you create space for play – living more freely and consciously!

You want to fulfill your purpose, and now you’re ready to do so from a more aligned Perfect Authentic Self.

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